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Competitive Intelligence in Detail

The Market

Using proprietary market data we build sophisticated statistical models to determine theoretical market values for specific units in specific areas based on their detailed characteristics.

Your Portfolio

We integrate market data with your portfolio data to determine a competitive rent price for each unit in your portfolio. In doing so, we save you time and capture the money currently left on the table.

Three Arguments for
Adopting Competitive Intelligence

Revenue Growth

Pricing competitively based on local market conditions drives traffic to your properties, while simultaneously protecting from you from conceding too much. The result is reduced vacancy and more efficient pricing leading to overall revenue growth.

Multiplier Effect on Value

Small revenue increases compounded across a large portfolio can be immensely valuable, particularly at the end of an investment term when a sale or re-fi is being considered.

Isolating Other Problems

Implementation of competitive pricing can help to discover inefficiencies in other parts of the business ranging from marketing to maintenance.

How We Work

Big Data

Through professional relationships and bleeding-edge technology, we are constantly collecting continuous streams of rental market data points. We take pride in our ability to always be on top of what's going on in them.

Quantitative Analysis

Using techniques borrowed from academia, we analyze the data and derive valuable insights from it.

Real Estate

We neatly package these insights into beautifully-designed software products that assist with critical things like new unit pricing, renewal rates (coming soon), competitive intelligence, and market trends.

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